My CPA practice has grown 500% over ten years, and my success has largely been due to working with Andrew to create a niche practice.  Clients really appreciate the value you bring when you know their industry.  It sets you apart from the competition.

- HKN, C.P.A.


One-on-One Coaching

Ready to bring your CPA practice to the next level by specializing within a niche?  Andrew can coach you and your partner group, managers, and/or newer staff to develop an easy-to-follow niche marketing plan for your CPA firm.  Andrew's coaching can be completed as a 1-day session, two half-day sessions, or four 2-hour sessions.

Maintenance Program

Andrew also offers a Maintenance Program for CPAs who complete the 8-hour program on how to develop a niche marketing plan for your firm.  This program consists of a monthly 1-hour phone call and also unlimited emails, and will help keep you accountable to the plan you created.

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Next Steps...

Please contact us to have Andrew:

  • Speak at one of your CPA meetings about how to grow your CPA firm by specializing within a niche.
  • Facilitate a niche-marketing workshop for your partner group, staff, or other team, or to spice up a meeting with speed coaching sessions for the attendees.
  • Consult with you and your partners, mangers or younger staff on building a niche practice within your firm.