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CPANiche is a nationwide network of CPAs who provide tax and accounting services to clients in specific professions. Specializing allows a CPA to be more informed about specific tax issues and how tax law changes affect clients in their chosen specialty.

Niche marketing works. CPANiche can help you grow your practice with our proven niche marketing techniques. Deciding to specialize in a certain group of professional clients allows you to become an expert in meeting those professionals' tax and financial planning needs. It also allows you to focus your marketing dollars on reaching the clients who are most likely to want to work with you.

A few of the benefits of CPANiche membership:

  • Exclusive membership for your metro area: we only accept one CPA per metro area in each specialty

  • Proven niche marketing methods: we get the word out to potential clients in your area

  • Use of our websites: Use our website as if is is your own. Point your clients toward the wealth of useful information, updated monthly, that applies to their profession

  • Customized newsletters, presentations and tools: Members in our premium specialties have full access to our library of tax projection letters, newsletters for high income clients, estimate reminders and more.

  • Monthly marketing memo and monthly chat: Useful tips on how to market your firm sent to premium members monthly and reviewed at our monthly live chat.

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